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Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies in Arlington

Accidents happen, and knowing what action to take during a dental emergency makes all the difference. Dental emergencies not only involve toothaches but also other dental issues such as bleeding gums, misplaced crown or filling, abscess, broken braces, and avulsed (knocked out) teeth.

At Zadeh Dental, we offer Arlington emergency dentistry services because we understand the hassle of living with an excoriating toothache or dealing with dental discomfort. We strive to help get you back to normal by providing reliable and timely dental emergency services customized for your needs. Contact us today and let us help alleviate your dental pain.


Dental Emergency Services in Arlington

Our compassionate team is driven by our desire to deliver outstanding services, going the extra mile to meet your expectations and relieve any dental pain you're experiencing. We take a comprehensive approach to dental care, where the needs of every patient matter no matter what dental emergency they're facing. When you visit our office, we begin with a thorough exam to determine your overall oral health and recommend the best treatment available. Some of the dental emergency services we offer include:

Dental Filling and Bonding: If you've chipped off part of your tooth and feel any pain or discomfort, we will help restore your tooth, which will restore its overall function and improve your smile. Our dentist will keenly assess the extent of the damage and advise the appropriate course of action. If a small portion of the enamel is missing or cracked, we may recommend a quick repair with safe and bio-compatible dental fillings. We use a composite resin for the front teeth to restore that natural feel through a procedure known as bonding.

Root Canal Therapy: For patients with infected or inflamed pulp (the soft tissue in the tooth root), we may recommend root canal therapy to help eliminate the pain. This treatment is also known as endodontic therapy and is performed to remove infections in the root canal. Before we opt for root canal therapy, we'll first examine your overall oral health and make treatment recommendations based on that and the level of pain you're experiencing. In certain circumstances, when the tooth is poorly embedded in the jawbone or has suffered a severe crack, root canal therapy may not be an option..

Tooth Extractions: While it's our goal to save your natural teeth whenever possible, there are cases where extracting a tooth is the best and the only option available. We carefully assess your condition with tooth decay or cavities before evaluating the available treatment options. If the level of damage is severe, extraction may be the best option. After an extraction, we have several options you can choose from to replace the missing tooth, including implant-supported restorations, dentures, or bridges.

What to Do When a Dental Emergency Occurs

Some dental emergencies are severe and may call for immediate action to help alleviate pain and discomfort. Such emergencies could include a broken tooth, severe infection, knocked-out teeth, or excessive bleeding due to an accident or injury.

With an after-hours answering service, we strive to be available to you when emergencies arise and provide the care instructions you need while you await your appointment. Below are some key steps you can take to help alleviate pain and minimize the level of damage.

  • Broken or Cracked Teeth: Gently clean the affected area using warm water. Protect the affected tooth from exposure to extreme temperatures, beverages, or germs. You can also apply a cold compress to the face to reduce swelling.
  • Severe Toothache: Rinse the affected area with warm salt water and use a cold compress to relieve pain. You also want to avoid tobacco products and foods or drinks that are overly sweet, hot, or cold.
  • Knocked-Out Tooth: Gently place the tooth back into its socket and immediately seek help. If this won't work, keep the tooth moist by placing it in a glass of milk. Only handle your tooth by the crown (the portion that is normally visible in your mouth) and not by the root.

Your Trusted Arlington Emergency Dentist

For any dental emergencies in Arlington, from root canal therapy to emergency tooth removal, you can count on Zadeh Dental to be there for you. No matter what your dental emergency is, we prioritize your care to ensure an exceptional experience. Our emergency dental services are available during business hours and on Saturdays by appointment. Our live answering service is always available after hours. Schedule an appointment or contact us today, and let our compassionate team help you.



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